Monday, 11 July 2016

Monday 11th July

Today we travelled to one of the most amazing natural sites in the world. Victoria Falls is one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls. The views are absolutely stunning. 

After taking in the sights and the sounds it was back to Livingstone where we went on a game drive through one of the local national parks. 
We were treated to some amazing encounters seeing some local wildlife up close.  

It was then back to the hostle and out for an evening meal at Cafe Zambezi to sample some local cuisine. The crocodile was enjoyed by most!  

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday 10th July

Day 9 

After a 7 hour bus journey through the Zambian countryside, we arrived in Livingstone. Just checked in at Fawlty Towers Hostel and settling in to our rooms. Looking forward to a nice meal and the Euro cup final. 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday 9th July

Day 8

Tournament day. An early start for the group as the local children were eagerly awaiting our arrival. Twelve teams had been selected from the six community schools we have been coaching during the week. Our students collected the teams and awarded the children their team t-shirts.

The whole tournament was organised and run by the students and the games begun. The standard of play was most impressive with some early favourites showing their skills, all this considering the children had only been introduced to tag rugby at the start of the week.

As the tournament finished the first pool stage, the teams then were competing for the plate, bowl and cup trophies.
In the plate pool, Mercy School won scoring some superb tries. In the bowl pool, Divine School proved too strong and won. In the cup pool and overall winners were Shield Wisdom School showing real strength in depth with their squad and score a number of outstanding tries.

From the teachers point of view, we were all proud of our students and the way in which they have conducted themselves during the week. The local schools and Linda community have benefited from our tour and we have helped to re-establish Joseph Linda School as a high school ready to welcome back their older students.  

Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday 8th July

Day 7

The last day of coaching before tournament day. Our students had to sort out their teams and perfect their game plans ready for tomorrow. The talent on show was looking impressive which bodes well for the tournament.

After training it was back to Joseph Linda School to finish off the community work and the coaching of the young leaders. We were joined today by ex Zambian international rugby player Tom Chaloba who was helping with the training and imparting some of his skills and knowledge.

After lunch the students made their way to Divine School to give out some donations. As the students lined up, it was clear to see just how pleased the children were to receive a gift.

It was then back to Baobab to organise the tournament and prepare the kit and tag t-shirts before a special Zambian meal that had been prepared for us. The caterpillars certainly went down a treat.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thursday 7th July

Day 6

Another early start for the group as we headed to the Linda compound for our fourth day of coaching. There was a clear improvement in the level of tag rugby being played by all the school children coached and our students were displaying impressive leadership and communication skills in leading the training sessions.

One rewarding aspect of the tour is building relationships with the local children. This has been seen in every group and especially evident with the coaching of the special needs school Benevolence.

After our coaching it was again back to Joseph Linda School where we handed out some of the clothing to the local children.

It was then back to the community work with half the group painting and the other half training the young leaders to carry on the coaching programme after we depart.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Wednesday 6th July

Day 5

Today the compound was back to normal after the public holidays. Schools were open again and we expected good numbers for our coaching sessions. As we arrived at the schools we were greeted by the children proudly wearing their school uniforms and raring to go.  

The children were divided up and the training begun. The progression of the children was showing with the level of skills improving day by day. Teams were starting to form ready for the tournament on Saturday. There was even the opportunity to teaching the children some celebration dances.

After the morning coaching sessions it was back for more community work. Painting resumed and there was also some first aid training for the local young leaders.

It was then back to Baobab for planning and preparation for tomorrow, after saying goodbye to all of the children.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tuesday 5th July

Day 4

Another early start for the group as we headed into the Linda compound for our second day of coaching. This was the second day of the public holiday so we were not sure whether we would have any school children to coach or not.
Before we left some of the group decided to join in and help out with some daily chores.

There was a lack of children at each of the schools when we arrived, however, when we turned up at the community ground we were greeted by over 200 children ready and waiting. WHS students quickly organised the children in to the correct age groups and the coaching begun.

After the morning of coaching, we went back to Joseph Linda School where we started our community work. The group split up and armed with paint brushes and rollers, we set about painting the classrooms.

We finished the day with a safari walk to obverse some of the local wildlife.